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Welcome you to The Esther Company. This has been a God orchestrated destiny that He has blessed on me to start and steward women from all over the world. Have a look around and let's see if we can help you. We are in the business to Inspire, Equip, Empower, and encourage you right into your destiny.  

We specialize in Personal and Spiritual growth

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The Esther Company is a professional establishment collaborating with extraordinary women dedicated to teaching, encouraging, and supporting those who undergo our Christian life coaching and mentorship program. Our training process is detailed concerning ministry enrichment and personal wellness goals to help attain greater fulfillment in their lives. Our mission is to connect with like-minded women from all over the world to learn and glean from each other. To celebrate each other concerning the destiny God has placed on their life. And to help raise the next generation of women who will carry God's presence in all that they do.

Walk in all that God Has For You!

Customizing Your Sessions! There is no other program like ours! Contact us to get a price packet today!

Assessment of your present to help organize your spiritual closet.

Practical biblical application of eating the word of God so you can walk in confidence!

Identify Obstacles 

 & Bring Clarity to Goals, preparing them with the necessary tools to start their business.

"Shema" Learning how to listen God's breath- Holy Spirit and respond.

Learn the aesthetics of Deliverance and spiritual warfare by knowing who you are in Jesus Christ.

“I have known Charla to be one of a kind in her teaching skills. She brings personal coaching to meet me where I am at.” I love her insights from the Holy Spirit to help me grow."

- Sammy Tyler

“I have known many styles of coaching/mentorship programs, but I felt led to inquire more about it. I am glad I did, I am finally seeing results in my personal and ministry life. I have more confidence in who I am not only while serving in ministry but with my personal growth as well..”

- Olivia Green

"When I first heard about the Esther Company, I was so excited to learn about how I can be a part of this group of women to help encourage and learn from each other."

- Wilma Jackson

Let’s Get Started

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